Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Skate park concerns

Some of younger users of Jesus Green have been in contact to comment on the plans

Several feel the skate park has been overlooked and needs improvement. The ramp's temporary planning permission ran out last summer, so it needs to be looked in any case. Whether it should be expanded or not is another matter.

Cinammon Francis-Burnett wrote:

I think its stupid the only thing they should do is redo the skate ramp!!! its stupidly dangerous because of the anti-graffiti paint. i broke my wrist skating on it and its just stupid because the paint makes it REALLY slippy. It also needs to be bigger, they may not realise it but there are loads of skaters in cambridge and when you go there to use the ramp its too crowded, with over 50 skaters sometimes. its a hazard and needs making larger i think.

JGA member Rupert Morgan has also contacted us asking for improved consultation with the council on possible improvements to the skate park.

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  1. The park could really do with a path leading up to it. This would stop the destruction of the grass, and also helps keep skates and skateboards in good condition. (so dirt doesn't get in the bearings and the wheels)

    Another problem, as Cinnamon said, is the anti graffiti paint. It makes the park really slippery and dangerous.

    The final problem I found with this park, is the cracks and the subsidence.
    Many times i've got wheels stuck in the cracks on the flat banks, either running up to tricks, or landing tricks. I've also slipped on the graffiti paint, and sliced my skin on the cracks at the bottom of the ramp. Mostly on my knees and back.

    I hope something gets done about the park to improve it, as I'm 17 myself, and I have a 12 year old brother that also skates here, and him & I have both hurt ourselves on these cracks and the slippery surface.

  2. The Skate park has proven popular and well used over the years it has given skateboarders, BMXers and Inline skaters a place to meetup and practice. With the frequency of use I think some serious consideration needs to go into expanding and resurfacing this valuable asset to the Cambridge youth. I am a 26 year old Art Gallery Manager and have lived on and off in cambridge for 8 years and contributed to the original park campaigns. I have skateboarded for 10 years and have good experience of the cambridge skate scene. I think we should look at examples such as Harlow, Saffron Walden and Stoke on how the council and residents have worked together to build excellent facilities which cater for the wide range of skating needs. Jesus Green needs some resurfacing as the ramps are actually sinking lower than the concrete floor and the actual skating area needs to be expanded as there is not enough room for the amount of users in the area. Some extra ramps, rails and blocks with extra concrete flat ground would go a long way and be used for many more years.

  3. It's not just the younger users, the addition of the skatepark is relevant to all age groups. I'm 28 and I've seen lots of skaters who would have been around during the first big wave in the late 70s/80s who are now into their 40s who have rediscovered their love for skating since having proper facilities to use.

  4. i'm 46 years old and i still rollerblade. i've been using jesus green skatepark since it opened, and although i was initially happy with it when it first opened, i am sincerely disappointed in the state it has got in over the years. it is in fact a potential deathtrap. that's right, a deathtrap. basically, you wouldn't allow a swimming pool to develop cracks and start sinking into the ground, so why let a popular youth facility such as this? old wizards such as myself deserve better.

  5. Aaaaaaalso, as well as being a facility that benefits those that actually use it, summer sees many families choosing to relax in the area near the park as it provides some free entertainment while they stop for lunch on the green, for example.

  6. The Skate Park is a focal point within Jesus Green and needs to be expanded alongside the exponential size of the city.
    The slight loss of green space would be a small price to pay when compared to the positive output a well designed skate park would bring. The skate park promotes healthy sport and creative exercise to all people of any age, also keepng younger people focused and out of trouble.

  7. Another point i heard made about the skate park while I was skating it last night, is that the skate park is used all year round, whereas places such as the swimming pool and the tennis courts are only really used when the weather is good in the summer.

    In the winter, ofcourse theres a smaller number of skaters wanting to use it because of the bad weather, but there is quite a few skaters that love their sport, and any opportunity they get where the ground is dry, they will come down jesus green and skate.

    At the swimming pool and tennis courts, you get a few locals that use them regularly (as you do with all facilities), but with the skate park, there is a much bigger number of people who use the skatepark 3/4/5 times a week, every week.

  8. The skate park could defiantly be improved a lot with just a few minor tweaks to the existing design.
    No1: more flat ground around the park.
    No:2 a path to the skate park on those muddy days.
    No3: Get rid of that super slippy anti graffiti coating! Its deadly!


  9. Many people love this skatepark and spend many hours perfecting their talent here, I think it would be very much appreciated If the council really put something into this project.
    Also considering many skateparks/facilities outside cambridge are far superior...Its CAMBRIDGE, one of the most well known cities!
    The council could really do themselves proud. :)

  10. hi there
    i really hurt myself and my friend has also
    it needs to be made alot bigger also (spines and stuff) coz there r so many people.
    There needs to be a way better street course aswell

  11. The first item needed to be attended to would be the cracks; the quarter pipe closest to the box, the hip at the bottom and the cracks between the sections of the flat-bank.
    Secondly, the park as many have stated before I, needs to be enlarged, more flatland area would allow a wider space for such popular games such as S-K-A-T-E and P-I-G.
    Thirdly, the park needs a path to conserve the grass and to keep the park clear of rubbish. I think that a Jesus Green Committee should be formed to take the park into their own hands and to put ideas and thoughts forward to the Cambridge City Council.
    On hot summer days such as the ones we are going through at the moment, people enjoy to take a leisurly skate around, it is pro-social, it promotes a healthy life style and keeps teenagers off the street causing trouble and on the concrete having fun. A water fountain would be hailed by all at the park and would be used with no trouble, at such skateparks as One Minet Saffron Walden, there is a timer tap which is used very frequently. An idea would be to postition it behind the flat bank in the shade and away from the concrete to avoid potential safety hazards.
    Thank you for reading my ideas and propositions for the council.

    P.S we need to create a petition


  12. My son and all his friends use the skatepark for skateboarding. Cambridge does need a biiger skatepark with improved facailities. All of these young people are using their time to develop their sport, exercise and enjoy their recreational time. I think it's wonderful taht they have this facility and full support any improvements that can be made to it.

  13. Hi
    I think that there should be a sort of protocol for behaviour as many hardened blokes who have no interest in skating whatsoever come along to the park and start being loud and drinking and can become quite intimidating so that younger members of the community can be put of there sport and said men also act as a sort of deterrent to perfectly innocent kids who have a right to feel safe while using the park even if it is a deathtrap because of the anti-graffiti paint and the cracks