Thursday, 5 February 2009

Colin Rosentiel's defence of Jesus Green

I would like to draw members' attention to the actions of Cllr Colin Rosentiel.

He will appear before a city council standards board panel on Wednesday, February 11, to face charges of not showing due respect to a paramedic during a confrontation on Jesus Green.

The allegations against him relate to an incident in which Cllr Rosentiel tried to stop a number of vehicles, including an ambulance, from accessing Jesus Green on the day of last year's Strawberry Fair.

While th JGA does not condone any incivility towards members of our emergency services, Cllr Rosentiel's actions to protect Jesus Green from damage by cars is, in essence, laudable.

The green has never been used as an overspill car park for any public events on Midsummer Common and he was attempting to maintain that principle. The area at the back of the lido has been badly damaged in recent years by large vehicles driving on it and this should not continue.

As he was also responding directly to a phone call from our former chairman John Cooper, it is also unfortunate that his public spirited intentions have led to his appearance before this disciplinary adjudication panel.

The incident also raises issues over access to the green for emergency vehicles, which needs to be made simpler. Strawberry Fair should also remain solely based on Midsummer Common and there should be provision for emergency vehicles there too.

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