Sunday, 28 March 2010

Spring update


Spring is here and Jesus Green will soon become a hub of activity for socialising, sports, skateboarding, public events, swimming, boating and play for children once again.

The Jesus Green Association is happy to update the public on upcoming improvements to Cambridge’s best-loved open space, which will benefit the thousands of visitors who enjoy using it each year – particularly in spring and summer.

Tennis courts – Cambridge City Council have agreed to push ahead with the refurbishment of the green’s tennis courts. The existing hard courts will be resurfaced and two grass courts will be replaced with hard courts. Two grass courts will remain.
Procurement for the courts has begun and work is expected to take place in autumn/winter 2010.

Playground – plans to spend about £130,000 to refurbish the playground are well-advanced. Consultation is ongoing with parents about the type of equipment that they want to see – the park is expected to remain in the same location.
Work is set to start in autumn 2010 pending planning permission.

Skatepark – temporary planning permission for the park was made permanent earlier this year. A second planning application has been submitted for resurfacing and improvements to the ramp – work is expected to take place in autumn 2010. Skateboarders are in contact with council officers to ensure the right changes are made.

Lock-keepers island – using a small amount of money obtained from the Grassroots Fund, volunteers from the Jesus Green Association will be planting flowers in the lock keepers island this spring.

Rouse Pavilion – talks are underway about renovating the Rouse Ball pavilion, which houses the green’s public conveniences. These include the possibility of creating a community cafe at the pavilion. JGA is exploring possible funding streams, including the city council, lottery and Trinity College, which has expressed interest in improving the pavilion (named after former Cambridge councillor and Trinity don)

Plain tree avenue – plans to resurface the plain tree avenue have been adopted by the city council’s west/central area committee as one of its priorities, re the spending of section 106 money.

Drainage – JGA has written to the city council to say it would back any application to the lottery for a grant to improve drainage on the Victoria Avenue side of Jesus Green. Repairing collapsed drains under this area could potentially stop the area becoming a virtual flood plain in the winter and restore the grass, allowing football to be played there in the winter.

Wooden bowls pavilion – due to be demolished. Demolition date not yet known.

Trees – plans on the future of Jesus Green’s trees can be viewed on the association’s website. The JGA has made strong representations on this issue and will be working with city council tree officers to ensure future work on trees is transparent and in the best interest of Jesus Green users.
Jubilee Gardens – Cambridge City Council is undertaking a consultation about moving residential boaters off Jubilee Gardens – opposite Jesus Green tennis court area – and relocating them below to the area immediately below the weir.
River crusing vessels would instead be allocated this area – encouraging the use of the lock (stopping it from silting up) and bringing more tourist boaters on to Jesus Green.
A decision on making the switch will be made in October 2010 pending consultation.
To have your say contact officers at Cambridge City Council.

Other – plans for a “biodiversity zone” and “high-wire zone” for Jesus Green were dropped from a list of possible projects deserving section 106 money.

Jesus Green Association – at our annual general meeting in January we agreed to change the conditions of membership. Full members will asked to pay a £2 annual sub to help cover the costs of running the association, its various work, and it is hoped this will formalise our membership list.

Anyone who wants to join should email the address below – join up and get involved.

For all details about the JGA, our constitution and updates about issues affecting the green, go to or email

Jack Grove, JGA Secretary, March 28th 2010