Friday, 10 July 2009

Jesus Green working party visit 15.6.09

Two JGA members attended the council's second Jesus Green working group on June 15.
This was a chance for those involved with the green to have their say on how the green can be improved. The JGA was the only key stakeholder present, although representatives from the rowing association, cam conservators, beer festival, councillors Tim Bick, Mike Dixon and Julie Smith and several council officers were there.

The JGA feels more encouraged by the approach being adopted by the council. Officers say this is now 'not HLF led' - this could mean the 'grandiose' schemes criticised by members in the past are no longer the priority of the council (as there is no money for them). 
However, it could mean the council are still keen to pursue the individual projects one-by-one, rather than hoping for a mega-transformation of the green.
After the hiatus of the HLF, we are now glad the emphasis can return to proper maintenance of the green and the improvement of existing facilities.

The meeting heard how there will be better cross departmental cooperation at the council to ensure better maintenance, while there will be four inspections a year, in which defects will be identified for fixing. Street Scene officers were also at the meeting and seem to keen to continue their excellent work caring for the green, with the JGA requesting extra bin collections in the summer

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