Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Skate park approved

Just a quick note to say the plans for a £65,000 or so upgrade of the skate park was approved on December 15

We have been assured the new footprint will not be any larger than the one there at the moment.

Our vice-chairman Martin asked the planning committee for the ramps to stay green, which found approval among members, but the officer is saying it is very hard to find a suitable green that blends with the surroundings given "the changing colours of the season".

The plans were given the go-ahead and the officer has been asked to consult with the JGA on the "muted colours" promised.

If we can't get green, what shall we go for. Maybe a dark grey?

What we don't want is a repeat of the ramp's first incarnation when it was white and looked like an iceberg stuck in the middle of the green


  1. This is ridiculous wanting to paint the skate park again. The paint is what made the park slippery for users before the upgrade this skate park. It must be well known that the teenagers want a place like a skate park that is actually usable. if you really need the skatepark to be painted please for the love of peace make sure that the paint will not create such a slippery surface.

  2. The new plans are tiny and are going to be rubbish. The current park is better than the decided plans, which were obviously only chosen as they are so 'low profile', and the residents don't want to have to look at them.

    Cambridge is a big, diverse city, and I know any skater will agree with the fact that we need somewhere suitable to skate. A good skatepark can attract people from all over the country. Look at Saffron Walden. The addition of the skatepark there has brought hundreds of more people to the town every week.

  3. don't paint the skate park you did it once and it made the skate park unusable so please don't do it agen if you want the ramps in grey the have them made of smooth concrete