Thursday, 19 March 2009

Skate park update

Skate park users might be interested to know the council is looking to improve the cracks in the skate ramp.

During a walkabout with all council officers and designers associated with Jesus Green, the JGA was told the damage to the ramp was minimal and could be rectified fairly easily. This is now on the list of council to-do items and should be carried out this spring.

Upgrades and extensions to the skatepark are also on a list of potential improvements to Jesus Green put forward at the environment scrutiny meeting alongside other plans for the green (see other posts)

Please keep posting your comments - eight so far - on what you want to see happen and they will be passed on relevant authorities to show there is demand for these improvements


  1. Great news!
    The cracks are probably the worst bit... but how slippy it is, is still a major problem.

  2. I strongly think the council should think about talking to the users of the skatepark about what developments can be made.
    It's hard getting some kind of council meeting together because your average Jesus Green SkatePark user doesnt fit into the typical council meeting demographic so it may seem like there are some contact/commitment issues.
    Me and a friend have tried to rally together as many JGSP users together as possible using the ever-so-popular facebook, hopefuly being able to bridge this gap and being able to get some written feedback across to both sides.

    Hopefully by doing this we can show commitment to the council and secure a 'good deal' for both the council and the users of JGSP.

    The link to our group is below

  3. Brilliant!
    This park really needs a tune up! It would be a bonus if an extension is put forwards.
    Many people will be very happy.

  4. While I can understand the slippery graffiti paint is a bit of a pain, the JGA feels it was needed to blend the park into the green. When it was first built it did not have paint and looked like an iceberg in the middle of the green space.
    The JGA was responsible for lobbying the council to paint it green to camoflage it slightly, so I don't we'd support any move to strip it back.
    Re cracks and sinking, we will be petittioning for this over the summer

  5. im really glad that the council has finely acknowledged the state of the skate park! Is it possible to change the surface of the skatepark without making it an eyesore? It is really important that the council should make it clear what it is possible for the skate park users to do to get improvements as there are lots of rumors but nothing has happened for years.

  6. if you build a bowl in the ground it wont be an eye sore? and it will bring skaters from all over and put Cambridge on the map for some where to skate. As well as providing the locals with a good place to skate.
    The cracks should have been dealt with months ago as a matter of health and safety it shouldn't be something we all have to petition for.
    It is nice that the skating population of Cambridge is actually having some in put on what happens to the park and would be good to be involved in what happens in the future in terms of skating facilities. Look at these new parks in the surrounding area (these arn't easily accessible with out a car). These show what councils are doing to provide decent places for skaters to meet and skate.

    Saffron Walden




    These parks just go to show the possibilities that we have and that the standards of skate parks have increased by no end in the past few years plastic ramps are no longer a way round the issue.

  7. the cracks under the quaterpipe are truelly lethal, they really need to be prioritised. But otherwise it;s cool. :]