Monday, 7 December 2009

Accounts for JGA 2009

Jesus Green Association: Accounts for the period 30 October 2008 to 29 October 2009

1. Receipts and Payments Account


Balance at bank on 30.10.08 b/f from 2007/08 422.80
Cash donation 10.00
Gross interest, Cambridge Building Society 0.53
Grant, City Council, Room hire for AGM 40.00
Grassroots Grant, Cambridge Community Foundation (see Note 1) 250.00


Public Liability Insurance Premium, 2008/09 37.95
Hire of room at Wesley Church for AGM on 02.12.08 40.00
Print-Out, bill for leaflets and public notices 192.80
Hire of room at Wesley Church for EGM on 17.03.09 (+ photocopying) 43.50
Public Liability Insurance Premium, 2009/10 45.75
Tax paid on CBS interest 0.11
Balance in Cambridge BS account on 29.10.09 c/f to 2009/10 363.22

2. Balance sheet as at 29 October 2008

Accumulated Association’s funds b/f from 2007/08 422.80
Surplus/ (Deficit) for year (59.58)

Cash in Cambridge BS account on 29.10.09 (see Note 2) 363.22
Accumulated Association’s funds c/f to 2009/10 363.22


1. The Jesus Green Association is pleased to acknowledge receipt of a grant towards running costs from Grassroots Grants which is managed by Cambridgeshire Community Foundation.

2. In February 2009 the Association’s ‘Community’ bank account with Barclays was closed and the funds transferred to a Community Account with Cambridge Building Society.

Hon. Auditor’s Statement
I have examined the bank and building society statements and other documents provided to me and, in my opinion, the accounts are accurate and give a fair and true representation of the financial position of the Association.

Victoria Zeitlyn

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