Monday, 2 November 2009

Good news on path

It appears the JGA's pleas for maintenance on the green have finally been listened to.

Plans to repair the plane tree avenue path have been adopted by the city council for possible section 106 cash. In terms of city-wide priorities, this path is second on the list behind the refurbishment of the Kelsey Kerridge climbing wall (surely something of a niche activity).

That means Jesus Green could be in line for some planning gain money for next year - a better scenario than the previous situation where Jesus Green was denied any money at all because of the distant promise of millions (for a scheme we didn't want)

Well done to Tim Bick for speaking at the West/Central committee in support of Jesus Green.

Interesting how well the Newnham ward does well under the West Central area priorities. Six out of the seven area spending commitments are for Lammas Land (including improved kiosk, benches, river access shelter, shelter and paddling pool). Saying that their tennis court doesn't get a look in and it's just as bad as ours.

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