Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Strategic document for 2009

This strategic document was adopted by a unanimous vote at the JGA's EGM on March 17.

It lays out a clear statement of values for members and should be regarded as a 'mission statement' for the association in the coming year


1. Jesus Green is a most beautiful area - well-used, but a peaceful open space. It is of world heritage calibre and ranks alongside such areas as Central Park in New York and Hyde Park in London. Its relative size befits Cambridge and makes it jewel in the heart of Cambridge

2. JGA will oppose wholesale development of the green and, in particular, is opposed to any reduction in the grassed area, any reduction in the established tree population, large entrance areas, piazza areas, the widening of pathways to make expressways across the green, the building of space-age toilets and large two-storey cafes and segmentation of the green into themed play areas.

3. JGA will strongly support conservation, preservation and maintenance of the green. In particular, it wil support regular effective maintenance and drainage of the grassed areas, a comprehensive tree conservation and replacement strategy. It also supports maintenance, refurbishment of the tennis courts, the swimming pool, the children's play areas and the skateboard park. It also supports local events on the green, including the Cambridge Beer Festival, as part of an agreed and sensible schedule of events.

JGA will also strongly support the redevelopment of the Rouse pavilion to provide up-to-date cafe and toilet facilities and the maintenance of the riverside and brookside areas of the green.

4. JGA wish to avoid Jesus Green becoming a shopping experience or it becoming our own version of spaghettic junction, or even it being used to showcase the development aspirations of Cambridge City Council.

Jesus Green has served town, gown and visitors faithfully over many generations and the association believes the green must retain its essential character to serve future generations.


  1. Although being a strong supporter in extending the skatepark, this is a set of values i feel happy about.

    Also could anyone who has details about the hydro electric weir project contact me. i work as a building services engineer and this kind of green project interests me.

  2. I have asked the council repeatedly to place the details of the hydroelectic power scheme, and other elements of the Jesus Green plans online. They have refused.

    I have visited the council offices to read the plans. I have posted the page on the hydroelectric scheme, which is only a gesture as it will power just 16 homes online at:

    I have made further information extracted from the document available at: