Tuesday, 24 February 2009

"Temporary" car park on Jesus Green for 18 months

EDF Energy have submitted plans to install a storage compound/car park on Jesus Green while it replaces an electricity sub station in Thompson's Lane.

This will see the triangle of grass between the back of the grass tennis courts and the path running between Portugal Street and the footbridge covered with crushed harcore for 18 MONTHS.

The area will be surrounded with 8ft tall hoardings and will contain two two-storey portakabins, space for 10 vehicles. It will be lit by halogen lights.

Four to five trees on the avenue will be felled to make way for the area - apparently on the understanding that these trees are due to come down in the lottery plans (they are not). A new entrance area will be created by the removal of railings (which will create a temporary lay-by) while the green area will be built up to the level of Park Parade to allow access for heavy vehicles.

Needless to say, residents in Park Parade are not happy about this and are considering what can be done to prevent this. Residents meetings are ongoing.

Ward councillors have expressed some shock about the plans - discovered on a planning list by the JGA (no consultation from council officers or EDF, who haven't even displayed notices about this). Cllrs Bick, Rosentiel and Dixon have all said they were not aware of the plans til we notified them about them.
Cllr Julie Smith also says she did not know about the application, although was informed by council officers about 'issues' relating to EDF and the green before the walkabout with interested parties on February 10. As officers indicated the plans would not have met favour with planning officers, they and Cllr Smith did not feel the need to brief people onthe plans.

If people want to have their say on the issue, then contact the council

For more details, see the below link


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