Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Comments left in questionnaires at JGA's AGM 2/12/08


Concerned that they amount to over-development. Don’t want the common to be urbanised

Good – toilet upgrade, new litter bins, the maintenance, general maintenance and replanting

Many good ideas – keep it modest and subtle

In so far as conservation is involved, fine

Reconsider the proposed hard landscaping – points 1, 3, 4, 7 – improve the ditch, not anything else

Let’s improve what is here but be careful not to add too much the built up area

New children’s playground, yes – adventure playground, no – two-storey café, no – smaller café at pool would be OK. Tree replacement plan (particularly for chestnut trees) is very important

Huge expenditure will, overall, give us a space lacking its current appeal, Consultation unsatisfactory (eg, Friends of Jesus Green Pool quoted as supporting – I’m one, but had no request for a view or info)

Please don’t overlook the skatepark and deal with the cracks soon

The money should be spent on maintenance of pool, greens, litter – perhaps a groundsman employed

The need for further community consultation and evidence that it has been listened to and taken into account

7,000 unique hits, soliciting 150 comments on website, is insufficient ‘consultation’. Scheme is over the top

Improve swimming pool, maintain greens, clean brook, rather than extra unnecessary things

Worth further discussion but aiming to have less concrete (performance/ piazza)

Generally very positive – too much negativity

Generally speaking in favour – one or two exceptions, no extra path, children’s play too close to Victoria Avenue

Good – without buildings

Some aspects, but too grandiose. New café is likely to prove uneconomic, new piazza a white elephant as well as intrusive. Consultation process was inadequate

The city council should maintain and refurbish the existing facilities, including the pavilion and lavatories

Please do not build a cafe or hard pave any new area as they presently would

Overall good, but piazza not needed. Bridge is too narrow

Maintaining what is there is more important

It seems unnecessary to apply for lottery funding when basic improvements could already be paid for

Some are essential – maintenance. I wonder why the council can’t pay for them anyway. All proposals to improve existing features are acceptable to me. Proposals that ask for building work or concrete area are not. I think there needs to be a lot more consultation with local residents.

I very much hope the plans will be scaled down should the lottery fund be granted. Jesus Green is one of the few almost ‘rural’ areas in the city where one can walk and enjoy solace. Do 59 trees really need to come down – also which ones?

Over-ambitious – nothing wrong with some sensible improvements, but far too grandiose.

Why was the renovation of the swimming pool not included in the bid? This very important.

Need to focus on improving the tennis courts – everything other is pretty much unnecessary, not enough consultation either.

I agree with some of the proposals, but am concerned about the possibility of some of the green space being overtaken by brick/concrete, etc

Concentrate on repair and maintenance of pool and green space

Too grandiose, too commercial. Jesus Green needs repair and maintenance: mend paths, mend skateboard area, improve playground, improve swimming pool and toilets and tennis courts: replace dying trees

Please make the future consultation more transparent

Agree with repair and maintenance improvement of existing facilities, but not with new paths, piazza and two-storey café and further concreting

They are the single most devastating proposals ever for Jesus Green


The green open spaces
Trees, grass
Expansiveness, trees, use as a ‘village green’
Unstructured green space and pool
The openness, green space and trees
Open space and trees
The trees
The plane tree avenue
The fact that it is so open and green and therefore a multi-use space
The open green space for people to use as they wish
Wide open spaces
Trees, green space, paths
The green space and swimming pool
The informal, historic open space, which is widely used
Green open spaces
Sunday music concerts. Seeing tourists enjoying themselves in summer
Its permanence
The pool, the plane trees, the open mown grass areas
It’s a nice place to walk/sit, etc
The open green space, trees and undeveloped nature of this area
Swimming pool
The sense of open, uncluttered grassy space (well used) by multitudes of all ages
The avenue of plane trees, the open informal space
The greenery, the pool
The diversity of use
Pool and open space
The plane tree avenue


Condition of the paths and heavy vehicles causing damage
Café, piazza, pirate boat and concrete
Poor maintenance of pool
The toilets are very sad
Level of maintenance, state of toilets
Lack of proper maintenance, supervision (eg, the main plane tree avenue gaps are still not replanted)
Litter, poor maintenance
Vandalised structures, eg benches, overflowing litter bins, damage to trees by vehicles constructing and deconstructing events
Rubbish in ditch
Litter/skate park
Cyclists riding over the bridge, the bleak demeanour of the lockkeepers house, overflowing bins in summer
Poor drainage and maintenance, litter, damage by council vehicles across green areas
The pool, state of paths and loos
Toilets, lighting, play area, narrow bridge
State of paths
The toilets – they never feel safe or clean – and they are closed too early. The uneven paths make them awkward to walk on
Overflowing litter bins, neglected brook, poor condition of toilets
Stressed chestnut trees
The general maintenance
State of grass tennis courts, which are appalling, but could be wonderful
The poor state of the playground for my children
State of pool
Litter, barbecues
Litter, poor maintenance of paths, seats, loos
Poor maintenance

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